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Our team mission is…

Being awesome. (You must already be a member of MetaFilter to join our team.)

Requirements to be on this team…

Be a mefite. A mefite is a member of MetaFilter.

Important: If I can’t confirm your MetaFilter username, I won’t add you to the team. If your name here varies even slightly from your name on MetaFilter, please send me a MeMail to verify. This means adding or deleting a space, or a number, or a slight change in spelling. Please don’t expect me to try a bunch of different variations on your name when I search the MetaFilter userbase. There are two ways to let me know that you’re a mefite:

  1. Put your MetaFilter username somewhere in the “Full Name” field on your profile. To change your profile, head down to the “You” button on the navbar at the bottom of this window, and select “Edit Your Account.”

  2. Send me a memail telling me your name on Health Month. If you don’t want your mefi username on your Health Month account, this is the way to go.

Remember: anything we post to the Game Wall is publicly visible to anyone—they don’t even have to be logged in to Health Month. While sharing your good habits with the world isn’t likely to cause problems, you should keep that in mind as you decide how to use your Health Month account.

How to Join the Game: You can join the current month’s game (late), and/or you can join next month’s game in advance so you’ll be all set. The links to join each game are on the left-hand side of this page in yellow boxes. FYI, joining the team requires that the team organizer [Bianca(ambrosia) on Health Month and ambrosia on MeFi] manually hits a button to let you join. So don’t worry if you’re a mefite but you aren’t let in immediately; she’s probably just asleep or something. (If it’s more than a day or two, try sending her a MeMail to confirm.)

Want to learn more about how Health Month works? Check out the Encyclopedia, or read this explanation ocherdraco wrote about why it works .

Want to know how everyone on Health Month is doing on a particular goal? Take a look at Elements of Health, where you can find a page for each of the Health Month goals with nifty graphs, stats, questions and tips for all the users who have that goal.

Got questions? Post a question or thought for your fellow mefites on the game wall.