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Bikram yoga junkie and fitbit fan by day, life-planner-timetraveling-adventure-game mashup maker by n

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If I end this month with 1 or more life points, I will… be happy If I end this month with less than 1 life point, I will… be sad
Crossroad Chicken each morning at least 7 times a week
Eat greens every day
Eat breakfast every day
Write 3 pages in a private journal every day
Do weight training every day
Do yoga every day
Go out and be social every day
Edit Guidebook and Maps at least 60 minutes every day
Run at least 7 miles a week
Track your meals every day
List things you're grateful for every day
Track your spending every day
Allow white flour 2 days a week
Campfire Chicken each evening every day

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