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I'm just a student in Bandung that have a problem with diet, and now I'm trying to loose some KG.

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Heart.full.32 11 Fruit-1.50 23 4,887 pts 14 rules
If I end this month with 1 or more life points, I will… got to next level of being healthier If I end this month with less than 1 life point, I will… trying again until i got it !
No dairy
No saturated fat
No white flour
Walk at least 52 kms a week
Go to the gym every day
Write 2 pages in a private journal every day
Put $20 in a jar every day
No soda or energy drinks
No snacking
No caffeine
No tobacco
Go to bed before 10pm every day
Wake up before 6am every day
Walk your dog at least 6 days a week

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