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Heart.full.32 11 Fruit-1.50 27 14,645 pts 28 rules
Eat raw fruit every day
No soda or energy drinks
Eat greens every day
Do some kind of relaxing activity every day
Meditate for at least 15 minutes every day
No television
Stretch for 20 minutes at least 1 day a week
Exercise for 30 minutes every day
Ride my bike at least 1 mile a week
Stay under my recommended daily calories every day
No gluten
No high-fructose corn syrup
No added salt
Eat raw nuts, legumes, beans, and seeds every day
Take a multivitamin every day
No white rice
No alcohol
No caffeine
No fried food
Drink at least 44 glasses of water a week
Eat whole grains every day
Cook dinner every day
No red meat or pork
No dairy
Floss at least 1 day a week
Go to bed before 10pm at least 1 day a week
Volunteer at least 1 hour a week
Do meaningful work every day

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