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Status: Sponsored by Chanapat Srinakarin
Verdict: Unfinished

Heart.full.32 12 Fruit-1.50 40 15,057 pts 33 rules
If I end this month with 1 or more life points, I will… restart my game. If I end this month with less than 1 life point, I will… restart my game.
No television
No tobacco
No artificial sweeteners
No added sugar
No soy
No soda or energy drinks
No saturated fat
No added salt
No white rice
No processed food
No preservatives
No pasta
No red meat or pork
No snacking
No seconds
No fruit
No fruit
No internet
No recreational drugs
No hydrogenated vegetable oil
No high-fructose corn syrup
No gluten
No fried food
No food coloring
No white flour
No farm-raised fish
No dairy
No caffeine
No alcohol
No alcohol
Exercise for 30 minutes every day
Eat greens every day
Put $10 in a jar every day

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