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I live in New York babyyyy!!

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If I end this month with 1 or more life points, I will… go to Guam If I end this month with less than 1 life point, I will… try harder
Eat whole grains every day
Drink at least 86 glasses of water a week
Exercise for 30 minutes every day
Eat breakfast every day
No snacking
Put $10 in a jar every day
Do yoga every day
Stay under my recommended daily calories every day
Take a multivitamin every day
No alcohol
No soda or energy drinks
Eat raw fruit every day
No artificial sweeteners
No added sugar
Walk at least 67 miles a week
Go to the gym every day
Wake up before 9am every day
No added salt
Eat organic produce every day
No fried food
Track your dreams every day
Walk your dog every day
Take my medication every day
Get at least 8 hours of sleep every night
No caffeine
No internet
Study something interesting every day
Eat brightly colored vegetables every day
Stretch for 20 minutes every day
Meditate for at least 15 minutes every day
List things you're grateful for every day
Cook dinner every day
Go out and be social every day
Bring lunch to work every day
No pasta

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