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Cat has a tip for the Meditate rule.

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Meditating daily has proven hugely beneficial not only to me, but also to my husband and to our relationship. It is now easier (I did not say easy…) to let go.

We started with 5 minutes every morning, and after a few months, we are now meditating 15 minutes a day. Sometimes we also meditate for a few minutes later in the day if we feel swamped or tired as it clears our minds and reduces stress.

Following Kelly McGonigal’s advice in “The Willpower Instinct”, we combine meditation and the slowing down of our breathing. There is a great app on the iPad called Breathing: you define how long you want to meditate, your starting breathing rate and target breathing rate (from 7 breaths a minute to 4 breaths a minute, for instance). And a little chime prompts you to breath in, then breath out, progressively slowing down your breathing rate.

Breathing more slowly has been proven by scientists to increase heart rate variability (yes, variability), reduce stress and improve willpower. Combined with meditation you hug two kittens at once :)

:) MaryAnn
over 6 years ago

Thanks for reminding me about KM. I love her advice.

:) Bridget
over 6 years ago

me too

over 6 years ago