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TinaV had a couple thoughts.

Heart.half.16 8 · 2,532 pts

yay for weekends with time to exercise! my new dilemma is – evening yoga vs having time to cook healthy meals in evenings. hard to eat well let alone cook when I don’t get home until 7:45.. wish I was a morning person or required less sleep!

:) shirlnutkin
over 7 years ago

congrats on weekend catch-up! i feel your late home arrival. if i don’t leave SF by 6 pm, i treading water getting home at least by 7:15 … and it feels like a slippery slope after that. i am looking to see what things i can prep ahead of time and then just “mush together” when i’m home late. and something not too heavy and that is easily digestible. :-)

:) idaliap
over 7 years ago

I have this problem too when I climb at night. I get home after 8 and I’m exhausted and starving. Wish I had an answer beyond egg/egg whites which are really quick proteins.

:) TinaV
over 7 years ago

yeah I’m thinking I need to really carve out weekend time (sigh) to cook several things to be able to grab and eat when I get home. That or figure out how to split my dinner into 2 meals and eat half at 4 and half at 8, but I don’t really like doing that – dinner at the end of the day is my unwind time!

over 7 years ago