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orchidarea has a question about the Meditate rule.

Heart.half.16 3 · 2,987 pts

Nervous that one of my rules isn’t even on my radar.. can’t remember to practice deep breathing. I breathe very shallowly and I never think about it until someone (yet again) recommends practicing deep breathing. Anyone here have experience incorporating better breathing into their lifestyle?

:) ghenne04
over 7 years ago

I do this all the time at work – When you are sitting around at work or at home or wherever, even if you aren’t meditating, try sitting on a chair/bench/floor with no back, and clasping your hands behind your back. Then stretch your hands as far away from your back as possible, so your shoulders roll back and down and your lungs open up. It’s an awesome stretch, and helps you to remember to breath deeply even in normal activities. It helps me counter the hunched-over-the-keyboard posture I develop at work! I put a post-it on my monitor so I remember to do this every once in a while.

:) Acheman
over 7 years ago

If you have an iOS device or a Mac, there is an App called ‘Breathing Zone’ which trains you, very gently, to breathe more slowly and in the correct rhythm. I get serious problems sometimes with meditating on my breathing – I feel panicky and like I’m going to forget how to breathe properly. I’ve found it very helpful in giving me a feel for what good breathing sounds like. Also, it’s really beautifully designed.

over 7 years ago