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agrinshtein has a question about the Meditate rule.

Heart.half.16 4 · 2,864 pts

I noticed a bunch of people on the team have time for meditation. It would be interesting to hear what people meditate about. So, in question format, what do you meditate about?

:) MaryAnn
over 7 years ago

The misery in the world.

No. Just kidding.

Mostly a buddhist kind of, present-moment thing.
Sometimes gratitude.

(although I don’t have that in my list of rules)

:) azurock
over 7 years ago

meditate – focus on my breath – in a spirit of ease, letting go, relaxing into, just being here

:) jspad
over 7 years ago

Generally not about anything, but a present moment focus on my breathing thing. I do the label a thought and let it drift away bit, and I have had moments of insight that way (recognizing I spend mental energy reacting to crises that aren’t actually happening, for example). If it feels really loud in my head and I am having trouble focusing, I might repeat a phrase slowly in time with my breathing.

I’ve had a meditation rule for a few months now. I sit for 20 minutes a day every day.

over 7 years ago