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New post! March's Health Month and General Life Rules

<p>The beginning of another Health Month already! Last month seemed to absolutely fly by! After moderate failure (in my eyes) last month, I have started this month very well and I am pleased with my progress. I have increased from 7 rules to 9 rules this month thus making things more challenging.</p> <p>My rules this month are as follows:</p> <p>1). <strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;">List things you're grateful for one day a week</span></strong></p> <p><span style="white-space: pre; font-weight: bold;"> </span>This rule worked well for me last month so I see no need to change it therefore I'll keep a <span style="white-space: pre;"> </span>laissez-faire attitude towards this one.</p> <p>2). <strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Drink at least 23 glasses of water a week</span></strong></p> <p><span style="white-space: pre;"> </span>Upped from last month as I found drinking 20 glasses a week fairly simple. This was what the <span style="white-space: pre;"> </span>automated system at health month suggested for me to try, so I have!</p> <p>3). <strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Eat raw fruit every day</span></strong></p> <p><span style="white-space: pre;"> </span>Simple yet effective and worked great last month. Something as a student that I feel is vitally <span style="white-space: pre;"> </span>important due to lack of a good diet at university. I try the best I can of course but this keeps me <span style="white-space: pre;"> </span>reaching for fruit instead of a packet of crisps or other junk food.</p> <p>4). <strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Practice guitar at least 4 days a week</span></strong></p> <p><span style="white-space: pre; font-weight: bold;"> </span>Just to make sure I still make time to play :)</p> <p>5). <strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Do weight training at least 3 days a week</span></strong></p> <p><span style="white-space: pre; font-weight: bold;"> </span>The main reason I use health month. This being to keep healthy and monitor bulking up at the <span style="white-space: pre;"> </span>same time. 4 times a week was a little hard to achieve last month so I will stick to 3 times a <span style="white-space: pre;"> </span>week!</p> <p>6). <strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Drink 2 protein shakes a day at least 4 days a week</span></strong></p> <p><strong></strong>&nbsp;<span style="white-space: pre;"> </span>This rule was my achilles heel last month and therefore I have reduced the frequency from <span style="white-space: pre;"> </span>everyday to at least 4 days a week which I think I will find much more manageable.</p> <p>7). <strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Eat breakfast every day</span></strong></p> <p><span style="white-space: pre;"> </span>Yes, I was one of those, I couldn't stomach breakfast early and if I could I usually would rather <span style="white-space: pre;"> </span>sleep and rush than have breakfast. Recently I have become much better at having breakfast <span style="white-space: pre;"> </span>and this is just that extra incentive to keep it up.</p> <p>8). <strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Get at least 8 hours sleep every night</span></strong></p> <p><span style="white-space: pre;"> </span>This is important for 2 reasons. Reason 1 being that if I want to bulk up, the sports scientist in <span style="white-space: pre;"> </span>me tells me that I have to have significant sleep otherwise work in the gym may actually be <span style="white-space: pre;"> </span>counter productive to my gains. 8 hours sleep is a good benchmark and gives the body and the <span style="white-space: pre;"> </span>mind a rest from daily activities. Reason 2 is that I can be grouchy without enough sleep and I <span style="white-space: pre;"> </span>want to be able to focus during my 9am lectures.</p> <p>9). <strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Volunteer at least 3 hours a week</span></strong></p> <p><span style="white-space: pre; font-weight: bold;"> </span>This isn't a biggy for me but I thought I'd add it as I have begun working at a charity shop on a <span style="white-space: pre;"> </span>Friday doing volunteer work as they are always looking for help so I thought as Friday is my day <span style="white-space: pre;"> </span>off it gives me something constructive to do for people in need.</p> <p>There it is. My 9 rules for this month. Let's see how I do!&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Update soon!</p>

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