February's Game Wall

curtimi, in the Orange Bracket, played Monday February, 28th for 115 points, following 100% of her 7 rules. She didn't lose any life points and therefore got 1 piece of fruit for the hard work. Her public review of the day was…

OK, so if it weren’t for some track crowding teenagers yesterday I think I might have managed 1.5 miles in under 15 min as it was I clocked 15:02. So I gotta say, this HealthMonth thing might be a pretty good motivator. It did wonders for making me actually think about the rules I set and whether I wanted to skip one on a particular day or save it for a later day. I’m also extremely pleased to report that I was down 4 lbs for the month. Woot! Anyway, I admit my rules for March are prehaps a little more lax, but I am going on vacation and it’s my birth month, so I didn’t want to box myself in with too many rules. Here’s to the next cycle!

almost 8 years ago