Spirit Animals

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These are the 4 helpers in Health Month. Well, 3 of them are helpers (the Crane, the Fox, and the Polar Bear), and one of them is occasionally grumpy and unhelpful (the Lizard).

The 4 spirit animals will give you bonus points for your rules based on how much you like the rules, how difficult you think they are, and how important they are to you. You specify those qualities when you pick out your rules. Once you choose all of your rules, the spirit animal that likes your rules the most will select you for their team, and this will have a small effect on how things roll during the game.

  • The Crane is a benevolent spirit animal. She’s full of encouragement, and will swoop in to help when you need it most.
  • The Fox is a playful spirit animal. She generally encourages enjoyment, entertainment, and taking lots of breaks.
  • The Polar Bear is a hard-working spirit animal. Things don’t come easily to the Polar Bear, but he doesn’t give up. He will be extra useful on rules that have trouble sticking.
  • The Lizard is a somewhat grumpy spirit animal. He expects things to fail, and rarely seems happy, but they say that this gives him a certain sense of realism about life as a whole. Don’t take his discouraging remarks too personally.