What do spirit animals & brackets mean?

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When you chose your rules, you get assigned to both a spirit animal team, and a bracket. This helps group you with people who are similar to you in some way.

Your spirit animal picks you based on the kinds of rules that you choose. Your placement into a bracket is based on a combination of how many rules you chose, and how difficult they are for you.

Together, you get placed onto a team that has people who have picked similar kinds of goals as you, and of about the same total level of total difficulty.

I want the game to have a bit of a competitive feel. Both with your own sense of competition (beating your own scores) and a sense of being on a team with others (encouraging and being encouraged by others).

The teams will be lopsided a bit, but that’s okay. The sorting mechanism is still new, and it will take a while to figure out how to make the teams and brackets seem “even” with each other.

Don’t worry about it too much for now, it’s just a bit of fun. Perhaps slowly, over a period of months, the mysteries of animals and colors will become more clear to us all.