Press about Health Month and how to contact me if you're interested in doing a story about this site.


LA Times – Dec 26th, 2010:
Not motivated? Make a game Of it

Harvard Business Review – Dec 15th, 2010
Unlocking the Mayor Badge of Meaninglessness

Mashable – Oct 1st, 2010:
Foursquare Releases Merit-Based Badges for Better Living

Techland – Oct 1st, 2010:
Foursquare and Health Month Partner to Bring Users Badges

Foursquare Blog – Oct 1st, 2010:
Make Meaningful Life Changes with Health Month

ReadWriteWeb – Sept 22th, 2010:
Buster Benson & His Journey to Enjoymentland

Lifehacker – Sept 20th, 2010:
Health Month is a game to help you meet your health goals

Wired – Sept 7th, 2010:
Health Month is a self-improvement RPG

BitMob – Sept 2nd, 2010:
Life is but a game – Games that help instill everyday good habits

How to contact me

My email address is Contact me for all press requests.

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