The Lizard

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The Lizard is a somewhat grumpy spirit animal. He expects things to fail, and rarely seems happy, but they say that this gives him a certain sense of realism about life as a whole. Don't take his discouraging remarks too personally.

He is interested in the following kinds of rules:

The Lizard represents our tendency to be slightly counter-productive. He will occasionally take points away from you if he happens to be on a rule that you’re doing, and he will probably throw out the occasional taunt.

It’s important to build up defense mechanisms against the powers of the Lizard. What he represents (fear, confusion, lack of self-knowledge) is real, and is often the primary reason that we fail at the things that we know are good for us, and that we want to do.

To read up more on the Lizard, aka the Resistance, check out Stephen Pressfield’s awesome book, The War of Art.