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Chihiro00 has a question about the Track dreams rule.

Heart.half.16 5 · 5,191 pts

Hi! I have a question for the people who have the Track Dreams rule:
can we see all the writings that we can type on the box under the rule?
This month I started to write my dreams in the box, but now I realize that, after I post them, I can’t read all I wrote. Any ideas? Thank you for reading!

:) MaryAnn
over 5 years ago

I haven’t used the Track Dream rule, specifically, but I’ve used other rules where you type in some text (like the “Grateful things” rule).

Unfortunately (and I’m almost 100% positive this is true), you can’t retrieve what you’ve typed into those boxes. It’s gone.

My suggestion is to type the text into a document on your own computer first, and then copy that into the Health Month box — or, the other way around.

Or, better still: forget about really using the box on Health Month — let it function just as a prompt/reminder to record something about the dream, and do the actual tracking, as I suggested, in your own document.
Then in the Health Month box, just type a few words to say that you did it — something like: “I tracked my dreams today”.

:) Chihiro00
over 5 years ago

Thank you again for the answer! I follow your advice and I write my dreams in another document! (and I’ll see if I can continue writing in English, it was a way to improve my writing skill XD but I am afraid I’ll become lazy)!

over 5 years ago


DavisJ has a tip for the Track dreams rule.

Heart.full.16 10 · 636 pts

My husband leaves for work before I have to be up and he always wakes me up to say goodbye – recently when I get woken by him I spend a few minutes remembering the dreams I was just having before I go back to sleep, repeating them to myself, so that I will remember them later when I get up for good.

almost 7 years ago


Somsy has a tip for the Track dreams rule.

Heart.full.16 10 · 58 pts

I have track dreams where I am chasing a giant moving sundae!

about 7 years ago


cheeseplease has a tip for the Track dreams rule.

Heart.empty.16 -2 · 687 pts

Writing my dreams down has always been a chore, but I’ve discovered that if I just verbalize them right after I get up, I remember almost all of them. If you have partner or a roommate who gets up at the same time, you can get in the habit of talking about your dreams as soon as you wake up. Aside from being a funny way to start the day, it’s a pretty easy way to remember your dreams.

about 8 years ago